Wednesday, 27 February 2013

It is the little things

The instructions said :

"...Then follow path as it follows the left edge of the field down to a house and a metal kissing gate, Through gate onto road and turn left, Then turn right at green triangle and follow road to CP2

In this picture I was just approaching the said metal kissing gate and up popped Sue with a BIG smile and a camera whilst shouting whether I wanted a tea or coffee. The smile on my face said it all, it was cold here and I was just coming out of a rough drinks and food were all I needed.

So what?

Well Dear Reader, this picture tells me loads:
  1. Having just run 20 miles (32 km) (2 extra for Search and Rescue duties) I am still looking very relaxed
  2. My foot strike is very much mid-foot showing the Monkey Feet training is making dividends.
  3. My weight has dropped off nicely
  4. But most of all I am am happy
I am still a little amazed that having run 43 miles I have no blisters, rubs or toenail issues....I am very pleased


  1. Was lovely to see you on Sunday, even though it was very brief. This is such a great photo :D As you say, most importantly, you look so happy - it certainly was a great day out!

  2. A great pic Jerry :-) and looking happy after doing 20 miles!!!! I take my hat off to you :-)