Sunday, 10 February 2013

Just shut up

I have decided the Brits are very boring, they talk of the weather non-stop, especially keep fit fanatics....sorry guys it goes with the territory, either stay in doors or go outside and go for your run but shut up talking about the weather. There I said it.

Went for a very nondescript 10 mile run  today, a half-hearted attempt which was a bit of a cop out with a preset 5 mile out and 5 miles back just to get the distance in. Mind on other things than running today but it was good to get out for some me time.

I am a bit worried about my feet at the moment with the appearance of an ingrowing toenail which I have self-remedied and a tender ligaments and/or tendons in both feet so the Monkey Feet have been kept to one side this week.

Busy week next week with the mileage jumping up but the exertion  going down a notch as I have the St Peters Way ultra in two weeks and I want to feel right for it

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