Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Monkeytastic run

Trains cancelled and no communication from the railway people saw me take an unusual route home and just a little too close for comfort as it was a rare chance to run at the club tonight. Having looked forward to it all day I was seen scoffing some food and amazingly getting my running kit on at the same time. There they sat and were screaming out for a run, my VFF Monkey Feet, so tugging them on I was out in to the cold night but needed to go cross country to get to the club on time but stupidly chose the woods with their ankle deep, ice cold puddles and sticky mud and by the time I reached the club house my feet were wet, cold and my calves feeling tight.

Fear not I said as I found that I was warmed up nicely and was out on the road bouncing along listening to people's marathon runs, gently ribbing Mark, the pack leader for the night, and plodded out the miles. Tonight was "Hill Night" as it seemed that all routes involved some nasty hill halfway through and our chosen run was to go up one we have nicknamed "Cardiac Hill" as it is quite steep. I had positioned myself at the front of the pack and as the hill approached it I went for it but soon realised that two other runners had broken away and were getting closer, time to play and took great joy drawing them closer and then picked up the pace, they knew my game and paced closer until my final gambit and broke into a full sprint getting to the top to watch the remainder join us.

I was on fire and when the call to break ranks was made I went for it totally aware now that my running technique has changed and I was driving off the forefoot, it felt good. Have I told you, I love my Monkey Feet.

Slow run home via the paved area of the local park to get home for pancake cooking with my daughter. A great evening's run.

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  1. That sounds awesome! I don't think feet in the VFF get any colder than feet in normal shoes.