Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Night Run

As my regular Dear Readers know I am a lover of Night Running and have been desperate to introduce other people to the delights of this novel pastime so I therefore put the word out that I was happy to take people on a 10km(ish) run around my local woods last night.

I thought it would be great to take people there as the majority are from my two running clubs and would have had experience and knowledge of the paths which are normally muddy in Winter time but with the recent bad weather the bottom section was just ridiculous with ice cold puddles stretching across the width of the paths and mud that licked over your feet and ankle deep in places.

Having already done 7 miles earlier that day on road I was looking forward to doing 13-14 miles as I was to run part of the planned route there and then back again. Stepping into the woods I realised that the rain overnight had made it a quagmire in places so was thinking of taking an alternative route up and away from the lower section where most of the mud was...I would let the pack decide later.

So at the allotted time I was pleased to find that 10 people had arrived ready for some running all with new or borrowed head torches, some looking a little nervous, others just plain excited. A quick safety brief and "Head Torch Etiquette" we were off and for the next hour or so we ran, squelched, walked and wobbled along some ridiculously muddy and wet paths and after about 40 minutes was thinking hard as to whether it was a good idea wearing my Monkey Feet as my feet were cold and I could not feel the ruts and roots below.

For all that run there was laughing, delighted squealing and chatting, we had the occasional stop to regroup and for me to explain any hidden dangers ahead to continue.

All too quickly it was over with some people wanting to do more which I would have loved to have done but I had 16 miles in my legs for the day and had a few more to do to get home but we left with the promise that we would do another one very soon but this time in the country.

Brilliant night run with some great people.


  1. Sounded like you were in your monkey feet element! even with the freezing cold puddles

  2. I love running in the night too - very relaxing and peaceful