Friday, 22 February 2013

Wind up Monkey

Thursday night was about having some fun so was seen hotfooting it down to the track and as it was a Thursday it was Monkey Feet night. As I have the St Peters Way Ultra on Sunday I wanted to take it gently, nothing fast or any risk taking so drove to the track first picking up Rob, my neighbour, who had just left his house.

Whilst the rest of the gang warmed up and did various exercises I padded out getting in 7 laps before they even started so my legs were finely tuned and warm by the time they had joined me. As they are all speed training I have a feeling a few of them think I am a slow runner and don't realise that I choose to run slowly at these sessions.

One such chap, Paul, saw me on the side line putting on some tape to my foot arch (small scratch which I don't want to get worse) and he said "Mind if I tag on with you, you take it steady and you are not too fast" Here the mischievous side came out of me as Paul is an excellent wind-up merchant (teaser) and was time for a little pay back. So padding off around the first bend I slowly but surely over 150 metres accelerated slowly from 8:15 min/miles to  about 7:15 min/miles just sufficient to get my breathing heavy and Paul panting (he has been off training for a little while) to which he gasped "You always though really....slowly, but you are much....faster....than you...look" I exclaimed " normal...pace" and sped up in the last 100 metres.

I let him run a few more laps at his pace without me and then ran a gentler lap with him and then told him what I had done......I won't print what he said but he did have a laugh. I am sure he will get his own back soon. I love the fun banter that happens on club runs.

Post Run: Today my ankle is a bit sore and seems to be a tendon up near the calf...TLC today.

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