Friday, 22 March 2013

A stack of snacks

The plan is? Well there isn't really any plan for Sunday's run apart from enjoying my own company, making sure the walking wounded, lost sheep get to safety and I keep as comfortable as possible being that I will be out on the trail for 11 hours sticking to the race cut offs and collecting signage. My hat is off for the guys doing the full 100 miles as they will be out up to 30 hours with what promises to be horrific weather conditions when snow, rain, local flooding and high winds are in the offing.

With amazing organisational skills the Race Director, James Elson, and his team have been able to reroute the course, rally volunteers and even get me to jump in to do a 35 mile section which I am really happy to do as secretly I want to put my training on to a new level and test my resolve again.

Self supporting
So I am going to try and do this self-supported apart from water so will be carrying a few more calories than I normally would comprising:
  1. 2 x Choccy Flapjack
  2. 4 x Carb gels
  3. 6 x mini sausage rolls
Which is about 1200 calories of complete sugar and fat but with the temperatures set to drop down to  minus numbers with the wind chill and rain I think I am going to need it. As I will be running during the day and along some roads I will also try and use shops along the way but I am sure I will be fine as I ran in January with the temperatures in -2C but have admit I was very hungry at the end.

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