Thursday, 21 March 2013

A very sharp taper

The email arrived this morning, it read:

Simple question, would you, if at all interested, consider sweeping the last 35 miles of the re-arranged TP100 from Walton at 5:10am via Cookham back to Windsor for a 4pm finish? 
I understand totally if not. 

Wow that was a big jump from the original proposal of 23 miles  but James the Race Director of the TP100 was in trouble, the weather conditions are such that there is expected to be severe flooding along the Thames River at the weekend with heavy rain on Friday and Saturday with the promise of snowfall to the north of the area. I was on tender hooks all day as I wanted to check with the delightful Mrs S who was amazingly totally OK with the idea as it fitted around her and the girl's plans so it was decided...I am off to do a 35 mile sweep at the weekend, in wet, muddy and horrible conditions....excellent.

Getting up at 3.30 am is something I am not looking forward to though!

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  1. Well done Jerry - absolute star as always :) Hope you have a good day sweeping and the weather isn't as awful as they're predicting!