Friday, 29 March 2013

Back to Training

With the Thames Path sweeping adventure now a distant memory, I have done one recovery run last  Tuesday and since then have rested from running as my foot had been a little sore. The foot soreness was a strange thing as the top of my foot felt bruised and it felt it was rubbing a sure sign of tissue damage so refrained from running even though I missed my usual Thursday track session.

Training restarts tomorrow with Deborah and Andrea who are looking for anything between 17 and 20 miles with not many hills. Now that was a tall hills in this area so with a little thinking I realised all we had to do is find a river and run along it as an out and back, they are now guaranteed the distance but then I overlooked one thing......The Delightful Mrs S wants the car!

No problem I say as I will run to the meeting point, a Burger van a few miles down the road, oh well it looks like I am up for a gentle 20-23 mile run tomorrow in my new Injinji socks and Monkey Feet, between you and me I am looking forward to a run.

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