Monday, 18 March 2013

Blessed is the Monkey

On a whim I decided last night to run home from the City of London over Tower Bridge along the Thames Path and then to home a distance of about 14 miles (22 km) a run I have done a few times of late and I have finally mastered the route.

I was looking out of the training lab window and from about 3.00pm onwards the weather was dreadful, absolutely pelting with rain such that I nearly wimped out but was pleased to see a break at about 4.45pm, the run was on. So after the class had finished I jumped into my kit along with my Monkey Feet and ran off for home.

About 4 miles into the run I saw two ladies who called to me and on talking to them it appears they hailed from Jamaica from the sounds of their accent. One lady was dressed up to the nines and was holding a Bible who asked me for directions so after pointing her in the rough direction she exclaimed "What have you got on your feet darling?" so I went on to tell her what they were and that I called them my Monkey Feet and why I had them but then the standard set of question followed:

"...yes, gravel does hurt..."
",  I try not to tread in dog poo..."
"...yes, my feet do get cold..."

So thanking me for my time she looked at me with all the seriousness of a person with faith and said to me:

"God Bless you darling" .......wait for it

"...and GOD BLESS your Monkey Feet" made the sign of the Christian cross towards my shoes and kissed her Bible

Priceless....blessed are my Monkey Feet

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