Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Choose your battles wisely

There is a struggle taking place in my household, a most strange struggle one of ownership, a dispute.

Some of my Dear Readers will be aware of my new training partner, Arthur, who is one of my constant companion in the house. Look around and somewhere Arthur will be nearby watching me, if he is not watching me he will often be found up a tree somewhere in the garden, yes Arthur is the family cat.

Arthur has a secret love

I recently discovered that Arthur has a love affair, a love of my Vibram Five Finger TrekSport shoes a.k.a my Monkey Feet and is often found snuggled up to them, sniffing them and once actually dry humping them!

As my closest followers know, "Thursday Night is Monkey Feet Night" when I am seen running around the local track in my Monkey Feet which has come part of my regular routine for my training calendar. However, today I have had a horrifically stressful day such that I was about to resign and just walk away from my work with the intention of never returning. Never in all my time have I actually found myself at the sharp end of a 6' 4" 17 stone bully trying to intimidate me in the office. Little did this guy know that I bow to know one and was not cowed to his name calling.

Tired and irritated I returned home and ignoring my plans grabbed my Monkey Feet which were nearby but had an eery feeling to look over to the coffee table to see a rather irritated face peeping over the top. Indeed, a very annoyed Arthur whose unflinching stare followed me around the room. He was almost saying "Oi Monkey Feet Man, my night is Wednesday, yours is Thursday" I had inadvertently taken his smelly friends from under his nose.

So as expected, I totally ignored him, stripped down to just shorts and a top and left the house for a run on the streets. The anger and bitterness leaving me with every slap of my feet on the pavement. I don't like running when in a mood but Arthur's mood has not been pleasant since my departure earlier this evening.

Moral of the story: Choose your battles wisely

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  1. I feel you may have done an injustice to Arthur by taking the monkey feet, he should therefore get first refusal tonight! Track night or not