Saturday, 9 March 2013

Everyone likes a Dirty Girl

I am always a little nervous putting post titles up like this as it attracts some unsavoury readerships but this time I am really looking forward to some Dirty Girls arriving at my door! :-)

For a good few races I have been to recently I have see some of the other runners wearing Dirty Girl gaiters, in the picture to the right you can see my good American friend, Rajeev Patel, wearing a pair. Here we both are running the Grand Union Canal last year and he singing their praises.

Dirty Girls are a lightweight piece of material sculptered and fitted to the running shoe with a small piece of velcro and a clip on the laces whose sole purpose is to prevent debris entering your shoes which has been my downfall in the past and when wearing my Monkey Feet have had a few scuffs from dry mud and stones so hopefully these will be the answer, time will tell.

It was at the St Peters Way ultra a few weekends ago I finally decided to buy a pair when I saw Keith Godden who is the owner of the ULTRAmarathonrunningstore website wearing a pair which gave me the opportunity to have a chat about them as I was interested in seeing if they fitted my Vibram VFF Monkey Feet, having been given a short explanation involving loops of elastic I was sold. So tonight I have been onto the web site and bought a pair of Raceys, very psychedelic but I love them and can't wait until they arrive to test them out.

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  1. Interesting item, before your post I have never heard about the "dirty girls".
    And today rugby: at Twickenham England-Italy!!!!! Good luck.... and we need a lot of luck (plus a good kicker).