Sunday, 31 March 2013

Extensor Tendonitis

...or "Ouch my foot hurts!"

In fear of being called Lazarus again by some of my running mates referring to my ability to rise from the dead after getting an injury I should report that I have a rather swollen foot which appeared after yesterday's 20 mile run.

Well let's be a little more truthful, my foot was slightly swollen after my 40 mile run/traipse last week on the very muddy trails of the Thames Path, a recovery/test run on Tuesday told me that although a little sore it should be OK for yesterday's run. 

So to yesterday, a very gentle 20 mile run in my Monkey Feet but at about 16 miles in I felt a gentle pain in the upper part of my right foot which I initially put down the tough gravel path of the Cray Riverway which had me yelping in the marsh area made of sub base type 1 which soon came a nagging hurt such that I asked for a lift home missing out the last 4 miles of my planned run.

Last night and today I have had a puffy foot with pain across the top of the foot and a swelling over the top which hurts when I try to extend my toes apparently classic examples of Extensor Tendonitis apparently caused by:
  • Overuse.
  • Badly fitting shoes or shoes that are laced far too tightly causing pressure on the top of the foot.
  • Running on icy or slippery surfaces can also be a cause. 
When I saw this list ( I was taken aback as all these causes were very true and stands true to my product review of the Injinji socks where I said:

This is not the fault of the sock per se but I did find that the fit of my shoe was a little snugger than normal but that was because of the thickness of the sock that I am not used to, I suggest that shoes are bought when wearing these socks, however it was just a matter of rejigging the laces and I was fit to go.

 So there we have it, potted and stumped, foot raised, ice bag coming out ever so often and pain killers being taken.....and vaguely irritated with myself, let's hope I can shake this off quickly.

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  1. "had me yelping in the marsh area" has had me in fits of giggles. You really should wash occasionally!