Saturday, 30 March 2013

From where we came

and the lessons we learn on the way.

One of my dearest readers has obviously read that I am runner #451 in the upcoming Compton Challenge which I last ran in April 2009 and sent me the picture above. I was a very inexperienced long distance runner having only run two marathons and two runs at about 30 miles, experimentation was the name of the game and this race was when George, Michael and I were preparing for the London to Brighton.

At that time I had seen another runner eating a mixture of....wait for it.....mashed potato, cheese and had softened it up with sports drink. Much to the amusement of Michael and George I was seen scuttling off to the midway checkpoint with a drop bag. This drop bag contained a small tub (seen in my hand above) containing mashed potato and cheese which the night before was fluffy, moist and delicious, here, in the picture it was 12 hours later, it had set hard and almost broke the plastic fork I was using. Here I am sucking hard on my pipe to try and get some fluids to soften the gloopy mouthful I had, for the next 3 miles I had a horrific stomach ache which eventually disappeared when I had an enormous burp

So to lessons learnt from this picture:
  1. Ditch the Buff as a sahariane 
  2. Don't eat cheese and potato unless cooked in the last hour
  3. Ditch the water bladder
  4. Ditch the cheap Timex GPS watch
 But let's not be too tough on my fledgling self, the Buffs still get used as does the thermal top, gloves and occasionally the yellow club top. It is funny how we morph and progress.

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