Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Measure Twice

I am one to admit that having had to work on Tuesday evening recently has really twisted my training routine up as I normally recover on a Monday and run on a Tuesday. However, my 14 mile run on Monday and then 7 miles last night left me feeling a bit jaded today but I was determined to get home after work today with the full intention of going for an Easy run around the local area....but my body said "NO" tonight.

I had a look at my training plan but had to look again, then again and again when I realised I had given myself a rest day today. So having checked my training plan twice I suddenly felt a certain amount of relief and the guilt immediately gone. There is something to say about double-checking, Monkey Feet up and resting as we speak.

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes our body is smarter than our brain.
    Sorry for the last match of England; I could not watch it because I was coming back from Rome after Italy-Ireland.