Friday, 1 March 2013

No Break Here

Back from the Urgent Care Unit and relieved to inform you all that I do not have a stress fracture that I feared. Let's wind the clock back 24 hours.

Thursday Evening

Thursday Night has been renamed to "Monkey Feet Night" as it is the day that I go to the track and do a number of slow burn circuits in my Vibrams. This particular evening the rest of the gang were whizzing around doing speed sessions and I just enjoyed doing the laps at various paces dependent on the people passing by, even the run to the track was at steady pace as it my first run since the St Peters Way Ultra last Sunday....things were feeling great and all set for my 18 miles trail on Saturday, that is until....

Today (Friday)

Getting out of bed this morning I placed my left foot on the floor and stood up...."OUCH" there was a horrific shooting pain up the length of my long toe. Now I am used to bump and knocks whilst running but this was a new sharp, intense pain that carried on to the front door but now dulled when wearing day shoes.

Taking my shoes off at work, I found that as soon as I did not get support it hurt again such I decided to get it checked out at the hospital this evening.

So two X Rays later and a lovely chat with the Doctor who was good enough to spend some extra time talking through the images with me and to put my mind at rest. I am smiling now as she wanted to have a look at the foot and toe but was more interested in my damaged toenails wanting to know if they hurt, I assured her that it was normal for me and then she kept prodding them!

So listening to her every word and ignoring her advice I am off for a trail run tomorrow but sadly the Monkey Feet are back on the naughty step until the aches go.

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