Sunday, 17 March 2013

Planning overdrive

Today has been a whirlwind of planning for races and trying to find the cheapest (and most comfortable) way to travel and stay over night.

Take the Thames Path 100 where I will be sweeping a 23 mile section which will see me getting into Henley-upon-Thames at 1.20 am and will effectively be stranded or stuck with a potentially overstretched supply line. Here is a rough plan of actions to get a flavour:

Leave home 14:30
Arrive Henley-upon-Thames 16:00
Leave Henley-upon-Thames (train) 16:24
Arrive at Slough (for Windsor) 16:54
Get to Aid Station 3 (Windsor) 17:15
Leave Windsor (no later than) 18:20

That all looks simple but I have to also make sure that the family are all driven to their various places of work prior to this. The plan is to get into Henley at about 01:20am and drive home ensuring there are a few food and coffee breaks along the way so I can be back for Sunday morning bright eyed and bushy tailed to help the family with some stuff.

...and then there is the Hanover Marathon in May

Now this is a monster as not only is it in another country, I have to stay over as the flights are so sporadic but I am amazed to calculate that it is more expensive to get to the airport in England that it is to fly to Hanover. So a mini challenge is on and I am taking the coach which has the princely sum of £9.50 much cheaper in my opinion. Then there is the bed and breakfast, now that was interesting puzzle and have now managed to find a quality one just 1 mile from the start at a very reasonable price.

This is the fun part of ultrarunning :-)

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