Saturday, 2 March 2013

Show us your Winning Face

With the worry of a painful toes still in the forefront of my mind, I crammed my feet into my New Balance running shoes to meet by buddies, Andrea, Debbie, Si and Tina at the local train station with the plan of running the Darenth Valley Path again, a total of about 16 miles, these guys were training for the London Marathon and I was just out for the run, to test out my toe and enjoy the company.

Taking the early train we arrived at Sevenoaks and went for a gently paced run, Spring was showing it was in the air with late snowbells and primroses poking through the drying soil of the North Downs.

By the end of the run I had clocked up 17 miles which included my jog to the station and calculated that I had run 68 miles (110 km) in the past 7 days and whilst my toe was a little sore after I am really happy the way my training is going.

I took this picture of myself as I ran along the trail. Why? Who knows why but I just wanted to see my Running face :-)

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