Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Street Orienteering

Here's a new one on me - Street Orienteering - and an activity been organised by my good running friend Peter from my sister club, the inaugural event is on Thursday evening and my Monkey Feet and I will be teaming up to have a go even though I don't even know the streets where we are running.
The Object
You have 1 hour to find as many controls shown on the map provided.
2 points scored for each control visited. 1 point deducted for every minute/part minute taken over the 1 hour time limit.
Whilst this is primarily a fun event the first individual and first pair will be those who have scored the most points in the shortest time.
Start Time
Meet at 7:45pm to register and be issued with a map and receive a briefing.  There will be a mass start at 8pm.
So no track for me this week, just the knowledge that I will get the train to get closer to the start point and run the last mile or so to get there in time then run home to get some miles in. Looks has to be, after all it is my hobby

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