Friday, 15 March 2013

Time to refocus

Had some fun in the past few weeks with a lot of good quality runs and if I am a little truthful with myself probably focusing too much on barefoot running but still pleased I have done it as it revitalised my training which was becoming a little dull. Take Wednesday and Thursday when I was able to get out and do two runs  totaling 28 miles (45 km), one of those run was on light woodland trail around my local area and yesterday to the track and back all good stuff.

At the track last night I was able to hack out 24 laps , the middle 12 at 7:45 min/mile pace which was a really comfortable pace for me after which I ran at a more sedate pace then and back home.

This morning however the tell tale sign of a sore foot but not as bad as two weeks ago which reminds me I am not running ultras in bare feet so will concentrate on just road or trail shoes for the longer runs from now on if only to give this foot some time to heal up properly after all, I have a reasonably big one coming up in the next few weeks.

However I am secretly pleased I managed a Monkey Marathon in a 24 hour is feeling good.

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  1. Same here Jerry, I need to kerb the distance running & get back to some tempo stuff for a while. This should hopefully give my feet some time to recover too. Nice 12 lap pace there.