Friday, 15 March 2013

Wo ist mein Pass

Ich bin nach Hannover reisen

My apologies if I have offended any Germans in the past two sentences but I did use Google Translator to try and say:

"Where is my passport, I'm traveling to Hanover"

I have been meaning to get my act into gear and sort out the finer details of my trip to Hannover in May to run the marathon there. The reason I am going to Hannover is because I was invited as part of the British contingent  to run with Christian Hottas who will be celebrating his 2000th marathon/ultramarathon. Today Christian posted the designs of the shirts he has bought for us to wear on the day....all I can say is WOW.

So armed with my latest pay cheque bonus I bought my air flight to Hannover today...

Ich bin einen Marathon zu laufen in Hannover*

*I'm running a marathon in Hanover

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