Saturday, 27 April 2013

Cat Herding

..or how to:
  1. Get three very single-minded ultradistance runners on a training run together
  2. On a 30 mile run
  3. On a stretch  national trail
  4. Starting at different times
  5. From different places
I have to hand it to Gemma she is a Master of this dark art simply taking no for an answer, it almost seemed to be a personal challenge of hers to get David and I organised and herded to our particular starting points but I think she has got it cracked, we will see tomorrow.

They (Gemma and David) apparently start at 7.30am 20 miles from my starting position but I start at 9.15am. I run towards them, meet them somewhere along the way, turn and run with them to a place 10 miles from my original position. They finish, I run back to my car. They run 30 miles, I run whatever the Garmin tells me.....confused? I am sure Gemma can explain!  

Me? I will just run and hope to keep up with them

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