Thursday, 18 April 2013

c'est ne pas un singe

Things are looking a little better of late, hectic deadlines met after long hours, fighting off a downward spiral of inner depression triggered by stress which often means extreme tiredness leading to no training have left me drained. 

However, this week looks good so far, long hours have paid off, a deadline hit so hard and so tight I was left reeling, a purified example of Agile project work to see me still get in 22 miles of training and my inner promise to mix it up a bit tells me that Thursday Night is Monkey Feet Night and then more importantly I have to get out on Friday as the weekend has other things happening.

Friday night has all the hallmarks of bit of Free Running, no not parkour Dear Reader, but a night run and early rumours seem to point a local ultrarunner is going to join me for an impromptu run and it appears we have a few tales to tell each other so will have to get some miles in to fit the length of the stories.

Mindful of GUCR next month I am going to disobey the recent dictact and go trail shoes to get the feet ready but the promise of the use of a headtorch may get a few more runners...we can but hope.

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