Monday, 22 April 2013

Give it the Monkey Finger

Uuurrgghh Self-Doubt, I am used to having self-doubt in my running training but never in the history of my recent athletic life have I had it so badly. As the calendar turns I see I have just 33 days to go before the Grand Union Canal Race and by now I would have normally thrown in many more 20-22 mile long runs and some 50-60 mile weeks. This year what with work pressure, a foot injury and extreme tiredness I often just can't face running.

Take this evening for example, I had noted a griping set of quads which feel tight went bending and what I ever I do to try and loosen them they stay the same...tight. I jump out of the door for an Easy/Recovery run hoping to do about 10 miles and get 200 yards, pull up and go home...body tells me that an injury is about to happen if I continue.

What to do about it?
Well there just needs to be some quality runs to get in to show I can do it, so here is  a plan

  • Offer of ~30 mile run across the North Downs with my Gemma on Saturday (27/4/2013)
  • Marathon in Hanover, Germany (5/5/2013)
  • Local Marathon (11/5/2013)
Then rest to do just gentle running/recovery until the GUCR 

But oooooh God 3 marathons in 15 days, I have to be mad!

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