Saturday, 27 April 2013

Ground Rush

The horrible moment when your jaw drops to your chest when you realise you have the run of your life in just 4 weeks and for some reason it has escaped you. Just like Ground rush, the race always looks like it is ages away until suddenly it rushes up on you by surprise even though you have known it was there all that time.

The next few weeks

27-28th April
This weekend I was planning to do a long run along the North Downs Way with Gemma and David but that looks as though it is out of the window as I have had to pull out as the car is needed so I will try and get in a 4-5 hour solo run instead.

4-5th May
This weekend is already turning into epic organisation as I have the Hannover Marathon in Germany and am fighting issues with hotel bookings, flights and getting to the Expo on Saturday, more of this over the course of the week but I am very excited as I have a pasta party, a fantastic city marathon and then a personal invite to a special reception with the Lord Mayor of Hannover but then have a rush to get to my flight on time. The most important thing is I have decided to run the marathon in my Monkey Feet

11-12th May
I plan, but have entered, the local marathon to run/walk/jog the course to loosen up

18-19th May

25-26th May

Looks straight forward enough but there is over 250 miles to run in that time!

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