Monday, 15 April 2013

Monkey Feet Alert

I was desperate to get out for a run today.....desperate especially after my lacklustre running record of late. As I have reported late last week I have been feeling a bit down and have been fighting the demons a little not made easier by the recent increased stress I have had at work.

I announced on Facebook at 6.54 pm "36 minutes and counting" then warned everyone "...Monkey Feet Alert..." almost as a warning that at last I was going for a run in my Vibrams. So with shorts, a short shirt and a headtorch wrapped around my hand I ran off in the general direction of the woods....tonight the woods would decide my route and so it did as I ducked, dived and ran through mud and puddles.

It was a lovely run and soon the sun went below the tree lines and the woods became dark enough for me to wear my torch, rabbits and foxes jumped or ran in my peripheral vision.

As I entered the last woodland I saw a fox run ahead of me turning ever so often to look at me with his lazer-like eyes......then


I stepped into a muddy puddle which disguised a large sharp rock that dug into my right foot arch, I yelped like a dog but sucked in the pain to get home as it felt as though the Vibram was spilt, I chose not to look.

I am pleased to note my Monkey Feet did their job and protected my foot but the base is swollen slightly....gggrrrrr


  1. Ooo, painful Jerry, hope it's not going to get anyworse. Did your monkey feet survive the rock attack?

    1. Thankfully my Monkey Foot survived the ordeal but it felt as though it had been damaged. It just shows how tough the soles are.

  2. still want a night run Friday? text or FB me

    1. I am up for it but it has to be gentle and consistent...distance not an issue should be 16+ km