Monday, 1 April 2013

Monkey Walk

The excesses of the Easter feasting and the addition and an over indulgence of chocolate saw the Delightful Mrs S and I wollowing on our sofa. My foot still feeling sore but less puffy such that I can see the individual tendons now with a small lump on one. I was getting more and more fidgety having been allowed to do some electrics in the form of removing a very old 1970's lamp from the ceiling to a more modern flex.

Right to action, I informed the Delightful Mrs S that we were going to the shops to get some wallpaper (30% off what we actually wanted) and then off for a walk.

So after a successful shop we zoomed off to the local woods for a 2 mile walk in view of getting the Delicate Mrs S to the Willett Memorial which informed us it will only tell the summer hours (horas non numero nisi stivas). Mrs S jumped from the car as I went to the back of the car to return wearing my Monkey Feet, she was aghast "What will people think with you in those stupid Monkey Feet?" I shrugged and mumbled that no one would see us.

The woods felt Spring-like for a change as we had a lovely stroll  through the now drying mud, I was full of beans and had to restrain my urge to have a little jog, Mrs S laughing nervously at passersby in case they saw my feet, which they didn't (as expected).

I am pleased to say that my foot did hold up to the short walk although Mrs S did say I had a slight limp as we got to the car but we will see how it goes tomorrow after my return to work

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  1. Monkey feet see, monkey feet do! You show the monkey feet the trails and you just know they want to run! :-) Get Mrs. S. some, she may like them, (and like the Hans Christian Andersons The red shoes, they make take her for a run lol)