Saturday, 6 April 2013

No Compton for me today

I returned to work this week off the back of 2 week break away and and a Bank Holiday weekend to find that I was to work four 12 hour days with additional work at home. My foot was still complaining but gently getting better but still grumbling.

Plans were afoot to run the Compton 40 mile Challenge today requiring me to get up at 5.30am this morning to drive for 2 hours. My alarm did its duty but I felt drained, my head would not rise from the bed and my head hurt...this did not bode well and so I just rolled over knowing that what ever I did I was going to have a very hard day and if I had gone I would have just tired myself out even further. I decided that today was a no go day and I could always go for a more sedate and local run tomorrow.

I slept a further 4 1/2 hours to rise feeling much better than I did and secretly feeling a little relieved that I wasn't running.

1 comment:

  1. I am sure you have done the right thing.
    Good luck on the local run today.