Friday, 5 April 2013

PMG and my run

Aaaaaaahh, today has been horrible work-wise, up earlier than usual to check on an issue and even before my morning coffee I was elbow deep in computer code and rebooting servers. Once aware that colleagues were on site and I handed over the responsibility of problem solving to get the train. Once in work I was effectively locked in a  room with 3 other guys until we solved it, these are called Problem Management Groups (PMG) and are an intensive method to focus on an issue and solve it the quickest and most effective way. I left there mentally tired but desperate to get the wind in my hair and chose to go for a run.

Normally Thursday Night, is Monkey Feet Night but with my foot injury secretly getting better I wanted to get to the track but found the Delightful Mrs S had gone on an important errand and return at 7.55pm and the session started at 8.00pm, I cared not a jot as I turned up at the track and jumped straight on to potter around to do about 12 laps at a very slow and sedate pace enjoying the banter of the marathon trainees who are entering their taper so had slowed down in fear that they slip on the quickly forming ice on the track after the new drop of snow this afternoon.

Foot OK, feeling much happier I had my run... I have a feeling Compton 40 may be on this weekend.

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