Monday, 8 April 2013

A Cunning Plan

Private Baldrick: I have a plan, sir.
Captain Blackadder: Really, Baldrick? A cunning and subtle one?
Private Baldrick: Yes, sir.
Captain Blackadder: As cunning as a fox who's just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University?
Private Baldrick: Yes, sir.

Indeed I do have a cunning plan Dear Reader, my workload in my job has hit a very busy period and I am being pulled from pillar to post such that I have requested to work from home for two days this week to get some programming done which leaves me 2 extra hours in the day to is the cunning plan. 

  1. Drop the Delightful Mrs S off to work early, come home,
  2. Go for a one hour run.
  3. Log on to work
  4. Work
  5. Cook the evening tea
  6. Run at the club
I reckon I could get 18 miles in tomorrow, same again on Wednesday but to mix it up I can do a bit of trail running in my new trail shoes, a bit of Monkey Feet and some road, well that's the plan.


  1. Good luck with the plan buddy. I to am ramping things up a bit from this week, including the Brighton Mara (yes, I know it's road). Hopefully see you at an event some time soon, FYI: I am doing Bewl and 3 Forts on 4th and 5th May if you fancy either of those.

    1. I have another cunning plan of running the Founder's Path very soon, a self supported run anytime challenge, 26 miles equidistant from the two of us :-)