Friday, 19 April 2013

Rabbits, Ghosts and Rockets

The onslaught continues, mileage is my goal but I was also armed with a little bit of information received from NASA that morning:

Time: Thu Apr 18 9:31 PM, Visible: 3 min, Max Height: 62 degrees, Appears: W, Disappears: SE

This was the location of the International Space Station and I had found a reason to run 10 miles (16km) so armed with my new Adidas Kanadia shoes I was seen disappearing into the local woods with my head torch safely tucked in my pocket. Freshly laid mud from the morning's torrential race made going tough as I skittered my way through made more difficult by the failing light.

The Rabbit
No one was around tonight and I had free reign of the paths and woodland going totally off trail but one thing that was really noticeable were the number of rabbits that were leaping to the safety of the trees as I approached but not the sound or sight of foxes. 

The Ghost
Lost in my own thoughts I approached an old derelict house on a nature reserve where there are stories of mysterious orbs, mystical smoke and stories of ancient fires. I was withing 100 metres of said haunted  house and through the peripheral glare of my head torch I saw two shiny patches flicking up and down....


.....OMFG then some greyish white limbs skirting the patches, momentarily freaked I then saw a green shirt, arms and then shorts......another runner. "Evening mate, I can't see a fricking thing" and he was gone. I hate ghost stories :-)

The Rocket
...and then as promised by NASA at exactly 9.31pm, from the West, a bright light appeared in the sky and moved across the sky, the International Space Station. I stopped, ghosts and rabbits forgotten as I watched in awe as it passed by, the third brightest object in the sky after the Sun and Moon.

Tough run tonight, a total of 32 miles (50km) in the last 3 runs but within limits and pleased I did it.

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  1. I love your ghost story! I often look at the space station during my morning runs. Have a good weekend!