Saturday, 20 April 2013

To Reminisce

There are times when you are in the midst of your training plan and you ask yourself the simple question "Why am I doing this?" or maybe in a semi-jocular fashion shout to your club mates "Running is stupid and bad for your knees!" whilst your inner self calls for you to hang up your shoes.

Then, in the quietness of your study one night, you find a picture taken two years ago of you running at 2.00am when you have just covered 30 miles of London streets with a goal of 52.4 miles and it tells you a story that in fact running is not always stupid and not necessarily bad for your knees.

In this picture I was supporting my awesome ultrarunning pal David Hegarty accomplish his dream of 4 London Marathons in 24 hours, I just had to get him through 2 of them during the night section... The eyes say it all, I am alive and loving it.

Great memories

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