Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Tomorrow is another day

Arriving home thoroughly fed up with my work life, nothing, absolutely nothing was going to stop me going for a run tonight.

The evening was warm so I decided I was going totally minimal with just shorts, shirts and of course, my trusty Monkey Feet who have gone unnoticed in recent days but what with my achy quads I found they were the best option and funnily enough, the most comfortable.

Tonight at the club members who had run the London  Marathon at the weekend had the night off to show their fantastic medal and t-shirt ensemble with the promise of meeting everyone in the local bar for a few drinks. I had already run through the woods and then joined in a group which whilst a little below my pace was perfect for a rehabilitating runner who just wanted the miles in to loosen a few muscles.

However, I was still in a prickly mood from early that day so with all intention of a jovial run, I soon retracted into a "Speak No, See No, Hear No" mode finding that the run was more important and then found myself powering up some hills leaving the pack behind.....and that is what I did, I left, head torch on and out back into my beloved woods to my house.

Tonight was for the run, not company but I am glad I had it when I did but I was just not ready to go to a bar and mix with people.

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