Sunday, 7 April 2013

Waddle De Waddle

With no remorse about missing the Compton (apart from meeting the regulars) I spent a lovely day with the Delightful Mrs S instead and we did some much needed gardening together enjoying each others company and destroying one side of a yew hedge and then had a slap up meal with family friends with loads of wine and cider for afters.

Today however was more of the same having opted to not do an early run favouring the bed to catch up on some sleep, refreshed it was out in to the garden to pull up three trees, trim back a hedge and then dig over an old vegetable patch. The Delightful Mrs S was the first to flinch and so the tools and rubbish were cleared up and we went into the house to rest.....nope not me as I had plans of my own!

Sneaking into the downstairs toilet I put on some shorts, a long and short top and my trusty Monkey Feet calling to Mrs S that I would be about an hour..........let's just say, 2.5 hours including a pit stop at George's and 15 miles later I returned just about remembering the route I took but was obviously on autopilot.

One thing I have noticed was that because I have dropped the distances in the past week due to injury I have put a little bit of weight on such that at the beginning of the run I was waddling like a duck....I am sure I wasn't, it just felt like I was...weird.

Pleased my foot is OK, I got in a very easy 15 miles and very pleased the weather has warmed up at long last and I can get back to wearing just shorts and a top.

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