Monday, 29 April 2013

When the Cat's Away - Marathon #1 of 3

Sunday's run....what can I say? Tough, hot and hilarious after all it is a hobby isn't it?

I joked in an earlier post that Gemma (that's her on the right) was trying to organise David I but finding it hard to do as we had so many external pressures to cover but eventually her ever present patience paid off when we were all on the North Downs Way at the same time be it 20 miles apart! Fear not, we are accomplished runners and so had a cunning plan.

  1. David and Gemma start at Ranmore Common and run East from 7.45 am
  2. I start at Titsey Place 20 miles to the East at 9.15 am and run West until I join them.
  3. When I meet them run as a pack to Knockholt
  4. I turn around leaving them there  and run back to my car
As usual there was high spirits and banter with the three of us chatting merrily about this and that, food, films and the amazing views we were getting  that day due to the beautiful sunny weather. I was secretly pleased that they had about 9 miles more in their legs as it leveled the playing field a little but amazingly for a change I was full of beans but was a bit naughty as my calorie intake was a little low for such an aggressive run which left me a little twitchy at about 18 miles so after taking on about 400 calories over a 30 minute period involving a flapjack and a carb gel I was soon back in flight mode having waved goodbye to the guys at Knockholt, lesson learned I carried on taking small snacks ever so often to keep the energy flowing

The last 2 miles were probably the toughest I had done in a little while as the ascent was a long, sharp one that drained the energy from every sinew, bikes whizzed downwards but I kept trudging up with a passion until I reached my car tipping the Garmin at 28.4 miles, tired but pleased I had made it on will power and determination

Marathon 1 of 3 complete

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  1. Awesome run, well done! I love running with partners like that and even more if I can join them if they are tired already :)