Saturday, 13 April 2013

Wiped Out

My cat demonstrates how I feel
Some of my Dear Readers will note the lack of regular posts this week but I have been extremely busy at work and have had the pleasure of doing it from home without the commute. However I was asked to attend a series of meetings on Thursday and had to stay late. My longer runs in the mid-week and the long hours has left me very stressed and with it the double whammy of feeling very low such that I feel my depression rearing its ugly head...the Lion is at the Gate!

I have a terrible tiredness and lethargy seeing me fall asleep on the sofa at the drop of a hat even though I have slept well at night, small issues seem like enormous mountains to climb and with it I cannot be bothered to go out for a run.

Trying to conform to peer pressure I have broadcasted the need for company on a run this weekend but find no takers as they are either running a marathon or tapering for another one in a few weeks. I have plans to run out to watch and support club members at a race about 10 miles away on Sunday but it holds no excitement for me, just an excuse to get up and go...I hope I feel energised soon and I do get motivated tomorrow as I may as well pack in any events in the next few months.


  1. Sometimes we have this feeling but it lasts few hours and ... the lion roars again!
    Have a good Sunday.

  2. What about a run on Friday night or Saturday morning dear boy? DM me via the usual means