Saturday, 11 May 2013

A run of two halves

So with the marathon plans scuppered I chose to run the half marathon in Orpington, Kent instead but with some clever negotiation with the Delightful Mrs S I was given a bigger window of opportunity so that I could run there and back making it a 34 km run instead of a 21km one....a nice compromise.

Planning to run in my Monkey Feet again I was a little worried that I might get a blister (from last weeks marathon) again as there was promise of heavy rain today but as if by chance I was just getting ready to leave home when the postman arrived and dropped a letter through the door from the Ultramarathon Running Store which contained my new Injinji Performance Liner socks, so ripping off my shoes I put them on with my Monkey Shoes over the top....perfect as they fitted much better beneath them than my Trail 2 Injinjis which are much better for trail shoes.

The Half Marathon
Not much to write home about my half marathon as it is around my local area on well trodden roads but it was fun to socialise and catch up on some news from my running friends. What was nice was friends from the running club were cruising the route in cars and popping up here or there or peeping their car horns or shout encouragement as they zoomed past.

By the end of the day I was to have 108 kilometres in my legs in 7 days and so had no intention (even if I was capable with tired legs) to race especially as GUCR is in two weeks but trotted off at a steady pace enjoying my own company but stopping to chat and share a joke when I saw friends until about the 15 kilometre mark when I heard someone cough behind me (apparently she had inhaled a blossom  petal!) and after asking if she was OK we struck up a conversation and I promised her we would get her into the Finish under 2 hours, I then felt our pace pick up as we attacked the field with new energy...we arrived in 1:56 hours, not great by my normal standards but pleasing with all the recent distances.

So, after a quick drink and a catch up with friends I left to run ~7km home feeling tired and very, very hungry, time for a little rest methinks.

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  1. Under 2:00 is always a good finishing time.
    1:56 chatting, socializing and taking it easy it is a wonderful finishing time. Congrats.