Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Definitely a Trial

As you all know the tag line for my blog is "The trials and tribulations of a long distance runner living in deepest, darkest Kent." and today was very much one of those trials.

Many of my Dearest Readers will know that apart from the Delight Mrs S and our Jezzarettes I have two great loves in my life, the first my cats and the second obviously my running. Sometimes the two loves interweave with a few pictures of my cats appearing in my blog getting involved with my running world.

At the weekend our beloved young cat, Arthur, returned home with a horrific injury to his tail after being run down by a car which we found today was inoperable and we made the very hard decision to have him put down. A young cat in the prime of his life cut off in such a horrible way. 

The Delightful Mrs S has been fantastic and despite her own grieving cut me loose for a run at the club to allow me to clear my head but I was only willing to run just 10km tonight, in a slow group of people I did not know very well just so I could be lost in my own thoughts, all passion for my beloved sport gone running just for its therapeutic rewards.

Indeed, it was a great release for 50 minutes, allowing me to get my mind off our beloved Arthur, visions of his horrific injury, the last kiss goodbye and his untimely burial in our garden under his favourite apple tree. My run held no real joy and at the end I realised that for most of the time we were running in torrential rain which had not phased me, the whinges and groans of the newer runners met with disinterest.

Tonight my run was a trial

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