Friday, 17 May 2013

"How are you getting back from London?"

To more positive thoughts and to next weekend...the great Grand Union Canal Race. This race has got right under my skin and this year I am very positive about completing, I have had more consistent, steady training. Had the tough runs, the fun runs even taken my running back to basics with minimalist running and with it I feel happier and more content.

Plans afoot
Over the past few days a small pile has been getting bigger, sifted and sorted then made bigger, this is the great GUCR pile. Every time I see something I may need I place it on the pile, my union flag buff or I buy a disposable toothbrush, a pot of Vaseline or some socks even a sachet of suncream just collects, out of the way so that if visitors arrive they cannot see it immediately.

I know that soon it will avalanche, refined and laid out  ready to be packed but most important are the bigger items, the railway ticket (First Class), the hotel reservation, the time to meet in the pub to share a pint with the competitors, timetables, hats, waterproofs all important items and thoughts all piled together. There is even a thought of putting in my Monkey Feet if I have foot problems just in case!!!

Absolutely Dear Reader, this takes my mind off the training, gives me positive reassurance and a little peace of mind. I am even enjoying the question from the Delightful Mrs S "How are you getting back from London?" That bit I haven't planned...that bit is for another day!

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  1. I see that the GUCR is a very tough race. Good luck and enjoy the event.
    I have always ready a list of things to prepare before a trip or a race but I always succeed in forgetting something. For instance this morning I left my socks at home.