Monday, 6 May 2013

Monkey Marathon

Before I write a much longer post about my amazing weekend away with over 80 runners from 11 countries
who had met up to celebrate Christian Hottas's 2000th marathon I wanted to post a little milestone for myself and my Monkey Feet.

I have had a little secret target of my own for this year and it was to run a marathon in my Monkey Feet and I have and I am very happy I have done so. I knew Hanover was going to be at a slower pace than I am used to so I thought it would be the perfect choice even if it was on tarmac.

 I had the misfortune of tripping over a bollard (how is a different story) which bashed my ankle quite badly at about 10km but with the immediate attention of a fellow runner I dabbed some Vaseline on and I was off again to complete the run with a belly full of beer and laughter.

As I said this was just a very small part of an amazing adventure but wanted to share it separately as there is more of the Hanover Marathon to come.

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