Friday, 3 May 2013

Pasta and Pints

A nagging thought in my mind kept surfacing all day telling me I must have forgotten something; that is until I passed Rob's house (a club running neighbour) who jumped from his front door bedecked in club colours. It dawned on me it was the four way inter-club race tonight which required my attendance, this was a run I was NOT going to race but enjoy the evening with the company of 230 other runners, socialise and possibly share a cider.

As you may have seen, I am suffering from a niggling injury to my quad at the moment which I needed to provide TLC so didn't want to do anything silly by putting it under pressure especially with the Hanover Marathon this weekend so chose to run along with some wonderful friends, Tricia and Sam  stop for a few moments to run back and chat with other people I hadn't seen for a while and then catch up and run with other people (secretly I wasn't taking the race at all seriously).

Then it happened, I got terrible stomach cramps and tightening my resolve I hurried my pace to jump into a service station to use the lavatory finding that I was quite unwell. Leaving the station I ran on hoping to catch up a few runners but cared not a jot as I passed the line.

From then on it was a very large plate of tuna pasta and scrumptious potato salad to find a lovely cold pint of cider placed in my hand! Let me just say running 5km with a belly full of cider and pasta is a very delicate thing..... a great evening out with great friends all made better with a little run in the middle of it all


  1. I hope you get completely well in time for Hanover.
    Pasta is the best fuel for running.
    Have a good week end.

  2. good luck in Hanover fella. David and I are doing Bewl and 3FC marathons this weekend!