Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Say hello to Wortel

This evening I was looking forward to my last very, very sedate run with my running club before GUCR and such I left the house early to jog (not run) to the club meeting up with Robert along the way. The ground along the river was hardening nicely and moist a good omen for the weekend. 

Gathering together in the park awaiting the group calls I was surprised to hear people calling to me "Jerry, JERRY, Richard wants you!" my usual reaction is to bemoan "What have I done NOW?" but looking over I saw Richard had a big smile on his face and as I went over to him I was passed a carrot and a cheery good luck from the pack for my antics at the weekend. The carrot was obviously to help me see in the dark!

I can only say I was chuffed, such a simple gesture but one that means a lot to me as it is a form of recognition such that the carrot has been "named" and will now be my mascot for the GUCR.

So what name?
Asking the other runners in my new pack I got the usual "Fred, Craig or plain old Carrot" that is until someone suggest Wortel which transpires is Afrikaan for carrot......perfect he was named and tonight whilst my ciders cooled in the fridge a club vest was made (to comply with UKA and TRA requirements)

Watch this space...Wortel is going to have the journey of a lifetime this weekend!


  1. I love this! I'm Afrikaans so your title immediately drew my attention :) How was the Afrikaans name for carrot known there?

    1. Johann, one of the ladies in the group I was in is South African and she suggested it :-)

  2. He he he, you always make me smile Jerry, and the very best of luck with the GUCR :-) and to Wortel of course! Erm.....don't be tempted to eat it, I saw where richard carried poor Wortel pmsl