Saturday, 15 June 2013

Feeling down

 The last few days I have felt really down and emotionless, I have been asked whether it is a downer from the GUCR but I don't think it is. In these moods I become introspective, mind spinning over and over, sleep disturbed and not suffering fools gladly. My stubbed toe has not helped seeing me limping around the place and then having to pull out of Sweeping duties at the South Downs Way 100...35 miles is just too much for a swollen foot. It is times like this that strangely I become more creative possibly my mind trying to find an escape and my need to latch onto something as a distraction but in danger of becoming obsessive.

This week saw me totally frustrated by the purchase of an extremely expensive mapping system at work that whilst powerful was very slow such that it could extend a call centre's phone call by 4 minutes. I decided that in my morose mood to prove I could build an alternative using Open Source data (read as free)  and my IT skills...I did and if implemented could save thousands of pounds over a year. I should be excited but I am not. 

Plan is to run on Saturday at some point, in fact I may go for a night run recce just to escape.

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