Friday, 21 June 2013

From Chaos Theory to Gravel to Broccoli

It is incredible what subjects get talked about on a run, the long run comprises much longer tales from happy happenings to dastardly deeds a work colleague has done as time is on your hands. The shorter run however, comes in fits and starts with fleeting comments.

Take this evening for example, my legs were feeling tired, my feet a little tender such that the Monkey Feet were given a night off and I was seen putting a pair of socks and a pair of trail shoes...the first time I had worn running shoes in 27 days and it felt, well, it just felt weird.

I was out of the house and I felt rubbish immediately, legs ached, breathing was hard and then I realised I was pushing the pace too much so pulled off and just went out to enjoy the evening. I then remembered that there was a training session at the club so thought I would potter down there and watch the guys go through their paces (not join in mind you but just have a laugh look).

As it ended I saw a few of the usuals and one of the ladies, Karien, a neighbour of mine, asked if I was running back towards home. I jumped at the chance as I was looking for some company so we zoomed off but poor old Karien was then embroiled in my over-enthusiasm as I asked if we could take a different route home [read as longer than she expected]. In that short run we covered:
  • Broccoli
  • Local environmental bye-laws
  • Chaos Theory
  • Bad managers
  • Shrek and his Swamp, and
  • the locals gallows
Wow, who said running was boring?

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  1. Oh yes, love it! One of my great hobbies is listening to other runner's in conversation. Amazing what they talk about.