Monday, 17 June 2013

I name this race

There are many things I have been called in my life but there are very few [read as none] where I have had something named after me.....yes ME!

Some of my Dear Readers will remember my escapades in Hanover when the amazing Christian Hottas completed his 2000th marathon and I was there to witness along with other runners from around the world.

Well Christian continues his onslaught with marathons and ultras being completed at a rate of 2-3 a week and then I spy something strange....

M/U # 2016 – Hamburg (Teichwiesen) – Jeremy Smallwood Marathon am 12.06.2013 

What's this "The Jeremy Smallwood Marathon?" surely not but the date confirmed it, Christian had created a marathon to commemorate my birthday and I am proud to say that there were three competitors and there was a winner. what is you claim to fame Dear Reader?


  1. Amazing!!!! Where can we enter for year 2?

  2. Excellent! Not many of us can boast about that!