Saturday, 1 June 2013

Monkey Feet Magic

I had made a promise to the Delightful Mrs S that after my rather self-indulgent weekends of late to crack on with domestic projects and shift my concentration away from the trail. So like any husband I choose my battles wisely and happily went about ripping out some old skirting boards, some remedial plastering and began to cut new boards for attachment.

Whilst doing the works my mind wandered off to the possibility of a short run on Sunday and looked forward to getting the Monkey Feet out for an airing as they would be less pressure on my sore little toes which had blood-blistered at the GUCR last week but were drying out nicely. My crouching and clambering told me that although a little still they would probably hold out for a run.

So this evening I thought I better check my theory out and so putting on my new Injinji liners I then put on my Monkey Feet and tried them out in the garden.....hhhmmmm not great but they would be OK for a short run. So returning to the house I sat down pulled my Monkey Feet off and then YANKED my socks off.....

As if my Monkey Magic I looked down at my little toe of my left foot and noticed it was just a little pinker than usual and then saw that the toenail had come clean off....gone, departed, quit. Fishing around my sock I found it, dry as a bone and my toe just fine......and there was me thinking it was Monkey Magic. I may try it on the right toe now and see if it happens again.

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