Friday, 28 June 2013

Monkey Hole

During a run with my barefoot running Guru, Bhundu, last week I was telling him how happy I was that my Monkey Feet were holding out so well having done over 500 miles with soles looking good and the uppers in equally good condition. The Guru inhaled and uttered "You find that holes can appear just here," and he pointed to the inner side of the big toe " it's the mud you see."

So the other day I had a look at my Monkey Feet a little closer...lo and behold a small hole has appeared in the material which has caused me a whole lot of angst as I am now hunting around trying to find a good way of repairing it by way of:
  1. Not causing any rubbing to my toe
  2. Glue? or No Glue?
  3. Material patch
Out to the camping/outdoors shop tomorrow to see what they have that could be of use

1 comment:

  1. I'm sure some water proof tent repair gel/glue might do it.