Friday, 7 June 2013

Monkey Run x 2

Tonight's run was always going to be a special one as it was going to be when two Monkey Feet runners joined up for a gentle run in the sunshine. For tonight Duncan (a.k.a Bhundu ) had planned a 6 mile run both wearing our Vibrams, I planned to run totally minimalist with just shorts, shirt and MFs, no GPS, watch or phone. So at the allotted time I ran up the road and as I turned into Duncan's road I was amused to see that he was waiting at the end of his garden path with his 3 boys all running around him all in bare transpires they were all waiting for his wife to return from the shops.

Then it occurred to me there were 5 of us in bare feet (well 2 of us in Vibrams) and I have had to now work out the collective noun for Monkeys, Troop, cartload, mission, tribe or my favourite as we were going off road was a Wilderness. Waving our farewells we jogged up the road, the two boys leading the way and I am still amazed that they were going at quite a pace and unphased by the concrete pavement beneath them...incredible.

Turning the boys back the two of us went for our usual style of choosing a path at will with no plan only that Duncan was not to do more than 6 miles as he was recovering from his knee injury but we tried our best to keep off the road as best as possible and were even seen "trespassing" through a livery stables to get back on track when we found our route blocked by chest height stinging nettles. Then it was out in to the nature reserve and across to our local woods.

I love this style of running...just go for it and see what comes out at the other end, calling out we had done 4.5 miles we pointed ourselves in the direction of home and were amazed that as we turned onto Duncan's path we had run 5.9 miles...true to our word that no more than 6.

Great run, thanks Duncan.

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  1. A collective noun, isn't it a barrel full of monkeys, or is that some completely different ;-) lol A great blog as always Jez.