Sunday, 16 June 2013

Monkeys, Cats and cakes

I had a plan last night to go for a night run recce but finding no takers I decided to call it off preferring the comfort of the sofa and the television. I was pleased however to hear that my mate Liz was up for a run on Sunday morning, I am often amused by my running friends as they often "grumble" that when they go running with me I always seem to add extra miles to the end of it, normally about 10%. The initial messages went:

Liz: "Early doors say 6.30 - 7. Need to get decent miles in but slow pace."
Me: "Suits me, can I pick you up at 6.45am very sedate, you call the mileage."
Liz: "14 ish, you okay to plan route."
Me: "Wow 14, can do that and will plan route now, see you then." 
Liz: "If too optimistic maybe go for 10 with option to add in? See you in morning."

I must add that I said "Wow" because I was pleased Liz had kept her miles up 

So now I am really confused as I know Liz of old that when she says 14, she really means 16 and if she says 10 she really means 12 because she knows I sometimes add miles so chose to make it about 13 miles and call it safe and then add a little loop if we needed it.

Cats and Monkeys
Today there was a definite theme going through the run....cats and animals in general. Liz and I are best described as "Cat People" the sort of people that when we retire we will have a house full of cats and have a slight smell of cat pee about us when we are in the shops buying food for them. So as we set off at the agreed "slow pace" and after the usual chatter about holidays and running the subject of cats came up as it normally does but then we found ourselves passing an animal sanctuary which saw us stop and lean on a fence laughing at the antics of the goats therein and then the promise of a trip to the local cat sanctuary where I wanted to see if my old mate Elmer lived. So making a small detour we found ourselves leaning on another fence surrounded by santuary cats all suspicious of the new lycra clad entertainment.

Then after a few minutes we moved off, this time with the important intention of getting a coffee and cake at the famous Cake... shop where we managed to get in before official opening time and have a well deserved rest after about 13 miles of running (and resting on gateposts).

The last mile or so was very sedate as our breakfast slopped about inside but we were happy with the relaxed run and the opportunity to catch up on the news

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