Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Put your boys back in the barracks!

Logistics in the household are always slightly strained on Tuesday evenings and tonight was no different such that the Delightful Mrs S volunteered to drive me to my second club as she needed the car and knew that I really wanted to run with them at the annual "Chevening Run" a brilliant 12.5 mile (~21km) trail run from Orpington and down the scarp to Chevening on the North Downs then back again.....ending with a very cold cider in the pub.

In a mad panic trying to find my kit I chucked on a shirt, a pair of shorts and my Monkey Feet but then remembered tradition dictated that I had to where my Union Flag Shorts. The weather being hot I didn't fancy wearing lycra shorts under them so decided to cut the exposed elastic out of the inner pant (which is ripped). Happy with my quick DIY job on the shorts I jumped into the car and we drove off.

As we drove off Mrs S pointed down to my waist area and said "The boys need to be back in their barracks!" and looking down I found I was exposing just a little too much of my privates which were happily lying on the car seat! Time to be careful, especially whilst clambering over stiles

Weather was hot this evening, in fact perfect for running over the downs with 50 or so other runners but I have realised that I am probably not totally recovered from GUCR quite yet finding it hard going on the up hills preferring to take it gently and walk in parts to prevent strains or unnecessary injuries.

Then to return back to the start watching a beautiful sunset over the North Downs Way to finish off for an unexpected [very] cold cider in the pub, perfect.

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