Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Stubbed Toe

The opportunity of going out with the running club was calling to me on Tuesday evening and so armed with my Monkey feet I charged through the woods to the club. Still be very cautious about my speed at the moment I chose a reasonably paced group that promised to go mainly off road around the usual paths of the local woods and nature reserve.

I am not a great lover of pack running with a lot of inexperienced runners so I positioned myself near the front so I could get a good view of the path and to keep away from runners who have a habit of getting too close. Then it happened:


 and I felt myself stumble when my big toe stubbed a massive root which was obscured by another runner who did not call it through. Eye watering stuff as I continued on for the next 6.5 miles grumbling to anyone who was in earshot that I thought I had hurt my toe quite  badly.

Looking at it today, it is swollen, bright red and hurts when I walk on it after sitting down for a while, I am not a happy bunny as it looks like my run will be off on Saturday if this does not clear up soon as I don't fancy 50-60kms with a bruised toe....ggrrrrr

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  1. Not good Jerry! I always call out stuff, even on the pavements, and when when I run on roads, I generally call "Car up!" so that the rnners in front can move to the side more! Hope it gets better for the weekend